Lean FAQ page

What is Lean?

From our perspective, “Lean" is a mindset, a hunger to continually improve and the desire to learn and grow as a team.


Who benefits from Lean?

Lean thinking tools and techniques can be applied by anyone, anywhere in any situation….I wish we could get the government to listen, we could cut taxes in half.


Why would I want to do this “Lean” thing?

How about because you can do just about twice as much with your existing resources.  That’s right, your existing resources, not spending a penny. "Mic drop” 


Is Lean hard to do?

I run a department but the owner doesn’t care about ‘lean'

Well, you my friend, have an uphill battle.  Yes, it is possible. but not probable.  Engaged leadership is imperative to the success of a Lean Transformation.  If your boss ain’t into it, plant some lean seeds in his garden, water them with articles, short videos and success stories, he’ll come around.  If they don’t come around, you’re going to need another job.


Who succeeds at Lean?

The people that burn the ships.   Learn what burn the ships means - click here

In a nut shell, you have to decide “This is what we are doing and there is no going back” 


What are some great Lean resources?

2 Second Lean - Paul Akers

The Toyota Way - Jeff Liker

The Center for Lean Learning Youtube Channel


What are my options for learning ‘Lean’?

Option 1.  Study the Toyota Production System for the next 15 years

Option 2.  Connect with someone who has studied it for the last 15 years

Option 3.  Check out our Online DIY training program


How do I get started?

Good News, by being on this website you’ve already started.  

Give us a call, send us an email, mores code or smoke signals (the last two may take some time for us to get back to you)


How long does it take?

With a good facilitator in just a few months you could be well on your way but the truth of the matter is you get out, what you put in.  A Lean Journey never ends.


"I’m ready but my people aren’t”

If you’re ready, they’re ready, they just don’t know it yet.


What's the quick way to get Lean?

Sorry Pal, no shortcuts.